Exploring the Man | Puberty presented by Namiuki Dance Theatre

Theatre Deli, Sheffield

Friday, 29 Oct 2021 5:00pm to 7:00pm


Free NHS Ticket (5:00pm, Friday 29th October)
£0.00 + £3.50 fee

Display exploring the man

A story of neglect, disposable bodies, consent, and self-love. An expression of memory. An insight into the life of who? A man, a myth, a story, a tale from time. Guided by the need to break the circle of abuse for a better future. Experienced through movement and character, this work invites its audience to a space fiction passage of experiences inspired by the question ‘What does it mean to be a man?’. A Collages like scenes of a time traveling dream, this is an Artificial intelligent insight into a global dialogue of how we develop young men.

This work lives as an educational resource for young people, families and institutions who witness and influence young boys and girls experiencing puberty. Travel through time with us to explore what it means to be a man. ‘Feed me that formula so I don't make the same mistakes as you, be it verbal, physical, sexual, mental.’
Performance and Forum

Credits: Arts Council England, Elevate, Young Minds, Men UP North

AGE 11+

Please note that this event is suitable only for guests aged 11 and over.

You may be asked to show proof of identification, and the venue reserves the right to refuse entry if age cannot be confirmed.


Theatre Deli , 202 Eyre St , Sheffield