Test, Track, Trace presented by Next Left

Theatre Deli, Sheffield

Friday, 22 Oct 2021 7:30pm to 9:30pm


Free NHS Ticket (7.30pm, Friday 22nd October)
£0.00 + £3.50 fee

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We have been sorely tested. How do we track our progress through pandemic and climate emergency? Before Covid hit, we had lost control of our data as those in power tried to weaken democracies and foster division. What traces are left now of community, humanity, and hope?

TEST TRACK TRACE invites established and developing northern writers to respond to the world we live in now, to dare to speak out, to be bold, funny, enlightening. Next Left carefully selects the best of that work and brings it to life, script-in-hand, using a diverse group of local professional actors and directors. Expect a fast-paced, energetic and exciting show as well as a chance to discuss the work.


AGE 16+


Theatre Deli , 202 Eyre St , Sheffield