Sivan Rubinstein - Dance No 2°

The Place , London

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2021 7:30pm to 8:30pm


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Dance No 2° takes you on a timeless journey. Earthy, Minimalist, and Powerful. It redefines our connection to Earth, a dance that brings you home.

Rediscover how human existence is influenced by the water, land, and elements we live with, Dance No 2° is set in an infinite landscape of waves and rolling hills, hypnotic oceans, and vivid deserts.

Lead by its cinematic soundtrack, a minimal setting, and danced with raw and sustainable fashion, the piece examines how the land we live on and the planet we inhabit shapes us. Our body becomes a planet, and the planet our home.

Dance No 2° is the culmination of Sivan Rubinstein’s 3-year research project, Generation Z, as Artist in Residence of Kings’ College London. Working with Gen Z students from London, China, and communities around the world, Sivan’s work explores ideas from migration to climate, and our impact on the future. DN2° refers to the 2° tipping point in the rise of global temperatures. ​

Duration: 60 minutes
Age Recommedation: 8+

Please note that this event is suitable only for guests aged 8 and over.

You may be asked to show proof of identification, and the venue reserves the right to refuse entry if age cannot be confirmed.


The Place , 17 Duke's Road , London